Man oh man, this interview was so. much. fun.

Lori is an online business manager (expert of all the things) and is a certified coach. So, she really gets what her clients need in a deeper way than just doing the tasks and creating the systems.

In this video interview, she shares her entrepreneurial journey (yes, there are plenty of zig’s and zag’s) and some of the most common mistakes she sees coaches make as they are building their businesses. Most importantly, Lori is super clear and 100% transparent about what her Six Figure Impact® looks like.

Oh yeah, she has a super secret ninja skill that even surprised me.



As you’ll hear towards the end of the video, there are seats available for Six Figure Impact® LIVE in Atlanta this October. And, in case you haven’t heard, this is THE event for coaches that are ready to ditch the struggle and throw incremental growth out the window.

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