Grab a drink and a comfy chair because you’re going to LOVE this episode of Real Life Six Figure Impacts.

Let me just say: Jeannie is the real deal and soooo much fun.

If you don’t already have a wardrobe you love and your own color palette (who know there was such a thing?), or are looking to upgrade your confidence about how you look when you show up, then get ready: This episode is for you.

As you’ll hear, Jeannie is a sponsor for Six Figure Impact® LIVE and is excited for what she’ll discover when we’re together in October. She’s a coach turned color consultant which means she helps you figure out how to look and feel your best every day using color as her tool.

In this interview, we’re gifted with a surprise guest (this time it was my surprise guest), lots of laughs and an insider look at what makes her such a valuable asset to her clients.

As we grow our businesses, we’re gifted with the opportunity to go bigger…be seen on a larger scale …and get way (way, waaayyy) out of our comfort zones. In one of our conversations, Jeannie shared a quote that really resonated with me: “Your gifts are not for you.”

Hmmm…what’s possible when you step up and allow yourself to be seen because your gifts are meant to be shared with more people?

Click below to uncover what Jeannie’s Six Figure Impact® is,  some common mistakes she sees coaches make when it comes to how they dress – and their closets, and why she’s excited to connect with YOU at Six Figure Impact® LIVE.  



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