Are you ready for another fun episode of Real Life Six Figure Impacts? (I hope so!)

If you don’t already have a great website and brand strategy, or are looking to upgrade what you have, then Jodi Hersh is your new BFF.

She’s a 2x sponsor for Six Figure Impact® LIVE! and is excited for what she’ll discover when we’re together in October. We’re excited to have her join us again, too!  (Psssst….if you don’t have your ticket yet, click here, pronto!)

In this interview, we’re gifted with a surprise guest (or two!), lots of laughs and an insider look at what makes her such a valuable asset to her clients.

One of her secret weapons is her ability to come up with at least 90,000 ideas for each of her clients. For some people, this could be overwhelming, but wait until you hear how Jodi flips overwhelm on it’s head and uses this superpower to deliver work that her clients love.

Click below to uncover some common mistakes that Jodi sees coaches make when it comes to branding and their websites and exactly what to do instead.



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