Each interview seems to build on the excitement and energy of the one before.

So, be prepared for an even more fun time with this interview with an amazing client, Jen Baggett, of Catchlight Consulting.

Have you ever wondered how great things can get? Maybe you’ve considered the possibility of being able to retire your spouse to give him/her the freedom to choose a career or “work” that they love?

If so, you’ll resonate with Jen’s Six Figure Impact as you get a glimpse inside of her business success and what’s possible when you commit 100%. She’ll also inspire by you for sharing how quickly she was able to replace (and surpass!) her previous income from her corporate job.

I’ll give you a heads up, too, that there’s a spoiler alert included about how Jen plans to bring her sister closer and possibly even move her into the same neighborhood she lives in. So, listen in for that insider secret.

Please click below to watch the video. Prepare to be inspired and laugh along the way, too:



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Oh yeah, you’ll be on a new (and more awesome) trajectory for success in your business and life as a result, too.


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