So. Much. Fun. That’s all there is to say.

If you don’t know Rupa, please grab a fun drink and a comfy seat because you’ll enjoy this interview and lively conversation.

Rupa is one of the sponsors for Six Figure Impact® LIVE (October 16-18th, 2019) and to be perfectly clear, I don’t invite just anyone to be a sponsor.  After watching this interview, you’ll know exactly why I’m excited to highlight her as a sponsor (as well as call her my friend and photographer).

In this video, Rupa shares how she overcame some personal challenges in the past few years and how that empowered her to fully step into her awesomeness. She also shares three ninja secrets that will allow you to quiet that inner voice that says “it’s not time to shine, not yet…” and allow yourself to finally start saying YES to being seen.

Grab a seat and…let’s DIG IN!


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This is THE event for coaches that are ready to ditch the Struggle Bus and step into more income and impact. (Oh yeah, we’ll have a heck of a lot of fun along the way, too).

“One Day” or “Day One”: It’s your choice.





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