Have you met Amber Dugger? She’s someone that you absolutely need to know if you’re running a coaching business.

You may have heard me share, oh …20,000 times… that this video series, the pre-Six Figure Impact LIVE interview series, is one of my favorite parts of the live event each year.

Because we cover SO MUCH good stuff.

And, after watching this, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Amber is one of the sponsors for this years event (and yes, she has a few special sponsor tickets so if you haven't yet registered to join us, this is your SIGN) and she works with online coaches. She’s a perfect match. She teaches coaches about cash flow and specifically, how to have more of it.

You want to tune into this interview because not only is Amber a fabulous person with an ammmmazing Six Figure Impact, but she also sheds a lot of light on how coaches often sabotage themselves when it comes to their cash flow (and, of course, she shares exactly what to do instead).

Tune in to discover :

  • Why it's important to focus on cash flow (you want to know this, even if you have a bookkeeper)
  • The 3 things that a coaching business can do right now to significantly reduce the stress and overwhelm associated with their money
  • What “Profit First” is all about
  • ..and so. much. more.

Grab your pen, some paper, and get ready!



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