We broke the Internet when we recorded this interview.

If you don’t know Susan, then you’re in for a treat. We laughed throughout this interview (and prevailed, despite technology challenges!). You’ll absolutely love how she demystifies content creation once and for all.

Susan is a sponsor for Six Figure Impact® LIVE (October 16-18th, 2019) and as you’re aware, I’m very picky about who is selected to be a sponsor for this event.  After watching this interview and taking some notes, you’ll know exactly why I’m excited to highlight Susan as a sponsor.

In this video, Susan shares how she’s created her own “beach lifestyle” within her home, her dream super power (you’ll love this), and the most common mistake she sees coaches make when it comes to their content creation. She also shares the why behind creating her business and how you can create an easy-peasy 90 day content strategy in a blink of an eye.

So yes, you’re going to love getting to know Susan and how she helps business owners, like you, create compelling content so that they escape feeling overwhelmed and do more of what they love (i.e.: coaching!).



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