From zero to six figures in less than a year (here’s proof).

You really only need one word to describe Shana: Amazing.

Ok, well, we may need a few more: energizing, inspiring, hilarious, impact creator and action taker.

I’m inviting you to watch this interview with Shana because she shares the raw, behind-the-scenes and the REAL up's and down's of building your own coaching business.

She sheds light on what shifted inside her to allow her to ditch incremental growth once and forever.

She surpassed her quarterly income goal EVERY QUARTER and crossed into the land of six figures more quickly than even she imagined possible.

An even more amazing thing? You can do this, too.

In fact, I’m sharing everything that I teach my clients during 3 days of yumminess at Six Figure Impact LIVE in a few weeks.



Shana’s formula for ditching the Struggle Bus was this:

  1. Decide
  2. Show up
  3. Follow the Plan
  4. Take imperfect action
  5. Rinse
  6. Repeat

One of her first steps on her journey was signing up – and joining us – for Six Figure Impact LIVE in 2018.

Will that be your first step this year?

Or, are you willing to risk being in the same place 12 months from now? (In a year, you’ll wish you’d taken the step today).

It’s up to you and I’d love to see you in person in Atlanta.

We’re literally down to the wire and tickets will sell out.  Click here to grab your front row seat:




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