Can You Make Money in the Summer?

      What if I told you that summer can be your most profitable season of the year? What if I told you that even though people may have vacations and graduations, they are still willing – and excited – to invest in their results? What if I told you that “the Dog Days...

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Permission to Be Real About Growth?

      As you know, I’m not one to sugarcoat the truth. I’m here to help you see, grow, and create the business that you dream about. And, growth doesn’t always feel *magical* (or like rainbows, skittles and unicorns). In fact, sometimes it feels not-so-great. Part of...

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When Comparison is a Gift

      Comparison to others a gift? What? You’ve probably been told, like many coaches out there, that comparing your success to the success others have achieved does nothing but steal your joy. For some people, and some situations, yes. What I’m inviting you to...

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How to Get 63% of Your Clients to Sign Up Again

      I get really excited - and connected - to my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I see what’s possible for them, the impact they’ll have (or are having) as they serve more clients, and how they’ll make their mark on the world. I enjoy helping them step...

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Faking It: Your Future Thanks You

    I hear this a lot: “Should I be faking it until I make it? Is this really how I need to be showing up?” My answer is yes and no. I know: clear as mud. The reasons for each are important. Stick with me, you’ll see what I mean. Your entrepreneurial journey is all...

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