How to Plan for 2018 in 5 Minutes (or less)

    How many did you buy?  One, seven, or ten? Please tell me that you didn’t purchase ten different products for how to plan for massive success in 2018 that are still your inbox. If you’re like many of my clients, you’re so focused on where...

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When Your Results Don’t Match Your Vision Board

    I’ve got a truth bomb for you: It’s not really about you not having the time. Or you not having the money. (Those are convenient excuses, though.) It’s easy to beat ourselves up when things don’t work out how we imagine they should. That client was supposed to say...

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Why I’m Grateful for Fear (And You Should Be, Too)

      The last few weeks have been an amazing journey. Loads of ups, downs, and sideways..and tons of growth. As I told my coach prior to Six Figure Impact® LIVE! (my first in-person event that was open to clients and non-clients), “I need a break from personal...

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Why Making 6 Figures Matters

    I’m glad you’re here. And, now that you’re here, I’m going to guess that you fall into one of two camps: Camp 1:  You’re already triggered by the fact that I said “six figures” and can’t wait to read this article and see how, and why, I’m wrong.   Camp 2:  You’re...

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The Remedy for Feeling Isolated in Your Business

    As you read this, I’m working with my coach and preparing to mastermind with my business BFF’s. (I know technology isn’t “new” but I still marvel at how you receive - or see things - and I’m not having to do them right in that moment.) Ok, ah-hem. Back to you. As...

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What to Do AFTER Your Speaking Gig [VIDEO]

      Last week was a lot of fun. Not only did I speak at my first global conference, but I connected with hundreds of coaches and business owners that are ready to make a much bigger impact with their work. Basically, it was pretty epic. As I flew home from...

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How to Profit from a Free Speaking Gig

    What’s your favorite marketing activity? Speaking - whether webinaring or speaking live, in front of a group - is my all time favorite (and most profitable) marketing tool. A speaking mistake that I see way too often is this: awesome, amazing, super talented and...

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Summer Income Slump: Real or Fake?

    Summer slump or summer success? Enrolling new clients doesn’t have to slow down in the summer...unless you say it does. (And, well, that’s how pretty much everything in your business and life works, too.) Last week, two clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy...

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