Client Love

I hired Krista because she wasn't just about just promoting my business through social media. I've had so many coaches perplexed about what to do with me because I wasn't able to advertise on Facebook and wasn't interested in social media.

I made a pivot to look at networking in the local community and she helped me strategize around that.

She keeps me in my lane so that I can use my energy in a focused, productive way.

In one month, I made more money than I did in all of 2015.

By working with Krista, my focus, confidence and results have soared.

~ Diana M., Diana Murphy Coaching, Executive Wellness and Weight Loss Coach

Hiring Krista has been one of the best business decisions I have made!  

By working with Krista, significant mindshifts have happened. For example, I've realized that the more money that my business brings in, the more fully I'm able to live out my values and to invest in others. It's not about me being greedy, it's about me being able to serve and make a bigger impact. This is a big and energizing shift!

~ Jane B., Life Coach, Speaker & Author, Take The Next Step

Before we started working together, I’d never been paid for public speaking, I was really uncomfortable on video, I never really engaged on Facebook, had never done a webinar, etc. It wasn’t just that I hadn’t done these things, I was resistant to doing them even though I felt those things were necessary for my business to grow.

Since working with Krista, I’ve done all of the above!

I completed 5 paid speaking engagements. I lead a webinar that increased my audience and resulted in several new clients. I started my own Facebook group to engage with my ideal clients–where I do Facebook live videos regularly. I have started at least 1 new client every month since we’ve been working together.

I also had my first 5 figure month in my business – ever.

All of her training modules, templates and resources are great. Through our one-on-one work, Krista helped me break through my resistance and get out of my own way. She made it easy for me to ask for help (something that I struggle with) and I've learned that you don't have to do it all on your own. Working with Krista has helped me realize that this process can be fun.

We're now focusing on hiring a team and putting systems in place so that my business runs more efficiently and can grow without me doing everything.

~ Melissa C., LCSW, Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist

I knew I had the potential to do more as a coach, but I was floundering.

I needed a coach that would give me concrete tools and strategies to help me get focused.

Now, after working with Krista, I have FOCUS! I know where to spend my time, and what to say no to.

I now have a system to recruit clients from my speaking engagements. My last webinar resulted in 50% of participants requesting strategy sessions, and 50% became clients. I have a system in place.

My ideal clients are now approaching me, rather than me having to chase them down.

Krista truly believes in me, even when I am doubting myself. She helps me prioritize and ask for help. She offers tools and resources that allow me to spend my time doing the work I love, and less time doing the work I don’t!

~ Julie H., Executive Coach

I made my investment back 4 times over.  

I had a $21,000 week.  

I'd say that's success!

This would NEVER have happened had I tried to create my coaching business as a DIY project.

Since working with Krista, I've created workshops, gained confidence in being visible wherever I go, as well as having set up processes to inviting, enrolling and communicating with clients. Krista's guidance has been above and beyond my expectations.

~ Joanne A., Professional Development & Academic Life Coach, New Heart Coaching & Consulting  

Krista helped me accelerate my coaching business.

I transitioned to my own business from working as an internal coach for a Global 100 company. I needed the support, guidance and accountability to play my “BIG GAME”. That’s where Krista came in!

She helped me ignite my network and clearly identify my market. Within 3 months, I was closing executive clients within major organizations.

~ Heather E., Executive Leadership Coach

Before working with Krista, I wasn’t pushing myself in the way that I needed to so that I could get to where I wanted to be.  I knew in my heart that it was possible but I didn’t know how or where to start.  

Investing in myself – and my results – was incredibly hard and scary.  AND it was so worth it.

Just a few months after we started our work together, I secured my first $21,000 client.

Like a coach for an athlete, Krista took my talents and abilities and challenged me to do more than I thought I could. She uses a concrete process and system that gets real results.  

What’s different for me now?

I’m much more confident about what I have to offer.  

I don’t shy away from opportunities to serve my clients at a high level and to charge premium rates because I see my value and know the difference my business makes in their lives.

Without hesitation I would-and have-recommended Krista to anyone who wants to have the business they dream about.

~ Melissa S., Virtual Productivity Expert

Before working with Krista I was unclear about how to offer my services.

As a business storyteller and copywriter, I knew there was a real need for my services but I wasn’t sure how to best position myself or whether anyone would pay me to help them. Krista helped me to clearly see, appreciate, and articulate my value. Right away, she showed me exactly what I needed to do and gave me the confidence and support to do it.

I loved Krista’s warmth, humor and compassion. She made me feel safe, supported and understood. But make no mistake, she will nudge you when you need to be nudged.

Her experience and knowledge of marketing is amazing. She will zero in on the thing that will move your business in the right direction, so you don’t get distracted or discouraged.

If you are ready to move forward with your business and stop spinning in circles, you should definitely work with Krista.  She’s a rockstar!

~ Brenda B., Business Storyteller + Copywriting Coach

When I connected with Krista, I had no intention of hiring a business coach. Didn't I just complete a business development course for coaches a year ago? How could I justify the expense – again?

Then we spoke and I saw that we could be really good partners. 

Since hiring her, I have appreciated her undiluted enthusiasm for the work I do, both as a coach and as a business owner. I love her insightful questions and very practical guidance in helping me identify my niche and make my message clear and powerful.

Was it worth it? Yes!

In less than two months together, I have already recouped my investment in our coaching. More than that, I have found my confidence and professional footing as a personal development and transition coach.

Having my own coach who advocates for my success and believes in my dreams has made me a much, much better coach to my clients.

I would recommend Krista to any coach ready to commit to growing her business and deepening her skills as a coach.

~ Melissa D., Personal Development and Transition Coach

I’ve been asked why I hired a business coach.

Well, I actually didn’t make a decision to hire a business coach; I made a decision to work with Krista. I love her style, her business savvy and the way she supports me.

Initially, I believed I only needed someone who would (lovingly) kick my tail and hold me accountable to focus on my business versus just in my business.

Now, not only do I have an accountability coach, I also see Krista as an invaluable member of my team.

My time with her, the learnings, and tools I receive, are all an investment in my business (not an expense). It’s a non-negotiable part of running a successful business, and I am excited about what that means for my company. She challenges me to stretch beyond my previous limits, to make a bigger impact, and is always, always in my corner.

Having my own coach who advocates for my success and believes in my dreams has made me a much, much better coach to my clients.

I’m seeing that my business is shifting toward that bigger impact – and it’s really exciting!

~ Tracey T. , Leadership Coach, Collaborator & Catalyst

When Krista and I started working together, I had a dream but no clear idea of how to make it happen or how to approach someone about working with me

She taught me how to have a sales conversation in an authentic, easy-to-follow format that I could adapt to my personality and style.

The very first person (an ideal client!) that I tried it on not only said that she felt inspired and energized after we finished the call, but she also decided to enroll in my highest package! 

My business is going to grow exponentially as I continue working with Krista.

~ Cindy N., Singer/Songwriter, Speaker + Mentor

When I started working with Krista, I was considering some bold ideas to take my business to the next level, but I needed some expertise and guidance to drive them forward. What I got was so much more! 

Krista helped me prioritize and plan for this phase of growth and she helped me shape other areas of my business in ways I couldn't have imagined. As a result, my service offerings, client base, and scalability are all on the rise – not to mention my work-life balance. I now have more time with my family and hired my first assistant.

Krista’s insights, perspective, and tools have been integral to this success and have become an invaluable part of how I run my business. 

~ Heather H, Every Last Detail

I cannot thank Krista enough for all of her support through the last six months. Without her gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudges getting me into ‘imperfect action,’ I would still be wondering what to do next, signing up for every free webinar, overwhelmed and unfocused.

My hesitation to work with a business coach can only be described as IRONIC because I could easily justify investing in things…like systems, training, etc., but for some reason, it took me a long time to realize that I needed to invest in ME. I knew I had grown as much as I could on my own, but to get to the next level, I needed help.  

That's where Krista came in.

Since we started working together, I secured my first corporate client (it was a homerun!), and I'm now getting referrals and opportunities to speak, consult, and train. My business is growing.

Building a coaching business, or any business, isn’t for sissies. If you're open to help and feedback, and are willing to look at yourself (damn those blindspots!), you’ll do it!

~ Camille M., Leadership Coach and Consultant

Krista helped me find an authentic way of talking about my coaching which makes it feel easy and lets my passion for it show. I now confidently talk about what I do to everyone I meet, and I’ve gotten clients and referral partners because of it!

~ Becky D., Life Coach

Working with Krista has been a transforming experience.

She has given me the confidence, tools and ability to execute on a strategic roadmap to achieving my goals. Krista is always in your court and never lets you sit a day “on the bench” alone and without encouragement. Having that consistent support, care and attention to detail has made all the difference.

Krista helped me stop over-thinking and second-guessing. I’m not “Ms. Zen” now by any means, stress is just part of being successful. I’m now less scared of messing up. You might call that freedom, or courage, or being open minded. But really, when it comes down to it, Krista has just helped me make it not so painful to get what I really want.

~ Heather C., l, Author & Chef,

The Business Breakthrough Session with Krista was BEYOND fantastic!

During the session, she gave me HUGE clarity.

I felt like I’d been flailing around with starting my business. Every hour I had a new idea, and no idea which one I should be undertaking. I know I have a great service that people definitely want, but just couldn’t work out the steps I needed to do to shape it into a business that makes a profit!

Krista asked the right questions to help me work out what I need to do first. She gave perfect direction, and did a great job or throwing a lassoo around my hurricane of ideas, and pulling them into a place where they felt manageable!

~ Marsha S., Networking Mentor,

Before I began working with Krista, I felt overwhelmed by the many ways to approach my coaching practice. 

Although I already had an established business, I needed a plan for the year to ensure that I was spending all of my time and energy in the right places to continue attracting my ideal clients.

Krista and I connected immediately and she understood exactly where I was and where I needed to be.  Within the first session, I felt more organized, less overwhelmed, and on my way for the year. Krista is a great thought partner and she comes to each call with fresh ideas and new perspectives on my business. As a result of our work together, I am more focused on what matters to me, I have enrolled many new clients, and I am not afraid to tackle the tough challenges that are inevitable when running a small business.

~ V.C. , Executive Coach

Working with Krista has truly changed my way of looking at my business!

She helped me to get more clarity around my ideal clients, my offerings and even my 10 year plan.

Krista is able to quickly plug into where your ideas or business plans are lacking and what’s needed.   And she provides succinct, practical and actionable solutions that are tailored to the way *you* do business – no one-size-fits-all plans or stock answers that other coaches tend to provide.

Her unique blend of business savvy plus life coaching isn’t like any of the other coaches in the business. I loved working with Krista and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to take their business to the next level.

~ Tami C., Gifting Expert

I was all over the place with ideas and a long list of things I had to do.

Krista helped me get very clear on the exact type of customer I want to work with and then she helped me get clear on my priorities and a plan to reach my goals.  

~ Maureen R., Life Empowerment Coach,

Krista from Make Your Mark is my superhero!

She’s a mompreneur who helps other moms get it together. That is all she wants….she wants to see you happy and successful in whatever you choose to do.

Everybody has daydreamed about what they want their life to look like. As a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, business woman, human being, I have a rich and intricate life. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and sometimes it’s not. I love and appreciate all of it.

When the water gets murky, when I need to refocus, when I need to define and redefine my goals, and especially when I need to celebrate my victories, I call Krista, my superhero!

~ Prudence R., Photographer,

I hired Krista to help me take some of the overwhelm and guesswork out of what to do next when it comes to marketing myself and getting my business “out there” in a way that I hadn’t been able to sort through on my own.

While it was a leap of faith to invest in this type of coaching, I realize it had more to do with faith in myself, and whether I’d be able to pull off what was required of me.

Through Krista’s videos, free resources, teleclasses and blog posts, I had no doubts about her ability to move me towards the goal of getting more clients into my holistic health practice.

Krista is full of realistic and easily-implemented ideas for getting more folks to your site, your door, your office.

Working with Krista has opened my vision to the horizon of possibilities that simply require my reaching out and grabbing them.

~ Cathy C., Holistic Health Coach,

Before working with Krista, I was struggling with my purpose.  I had no idea who I could work with and what I could offer.

In a very short time she helped me to overcome these road blocks and now know who my ideal client is and how I can help her!


I recommend Krista to anyone who wants a coach that will get you on track to developing your business like a pro!

When I first considered working with Krista, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend another chunk of change on yet another business start-up strategy. I had gone through so many, and although they had been helpful, I was stuck again.

I found Krista so understanding, yet always ready to put out a challenge if she knows you can do it. I found it extremely easy to talk with her.

Now, I’m even more focused on the steps I need to take, and I’m actually excited about working on my business promotion again.

~ Anna B., Professional Organizer,

She helped me to create tangible, implementable ideas to help me achieve my goals.

I had not worked with a coach before, so the experience was completely new to me. I was worried we wouldn't be a good fit, or that I wouldn't get much out of our time together. In no time, Krista not only changed how I see coaching, but she helped me to understand that my passion is contagious and how powerful that can be as I grow my business. Her support and enthusiasm about what I'm doing also gave me more confidence in the path I've chosen.  Krista is incredibly warm and supportive.  It felt like an exchange of ideas and a sharing of a vision, and that process immediately made me feel safe.  Instead of feeling intimidated or overwhelmed, she helped me to feel strong and confident in the path I've chosen.

I would recommend Krista and her services to anyone who is starting or relaunching their business, or anyone feeling stuck. Her ability to bring focus and clarity to a situation is invaluable, and her ability to make it fun and exciting on top of that is a true gift.

~ Dawn M., The Crispy Sage

One call with Krista made all the difference!

For several weeks, I had been struggling with multiple ideas for my business.  Initially I was a little nervous about really connecting with someone over the phone; however, Krista was so easy to talk to and I truly felt like she understood and empathized with my situation.  Her suggestions and insights were on point and easy to implement.  As we talked, the ideas that had overwhelmed me became much more clear and by the end of the call I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  

I am so happy I signed up for the session, and would strongly recommend working with Krista.

~ Sarah P.